1. Thesis will be submitted by each student for each of thesedegree programs; Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate, or Ph.D.
  2. Bachelor Degree Programs: 50 pages, 10 references minimum.
  3. Master Degree Programs, 75 pages, 15 references minimum.
  4. Doctorate Degree Programs, 100 pages, 20 minimum references.
  5. Ph.D. Programs (Doctorate in Philosophy), 150 pages, 25 references minimum.
  6. The chosen topicsmust be according to the registered program of study.
  7. The thesis/dissertation will be written in APA format, for publication and binding.
  8. Delivery dates: January 1st: Title and References; March 15th: preliminary (rough draft); March 31st: final delivery.
  9. Every student must submit 1 written thesis, also 1 thesis in electronic format.
  10. Additional instructions will be given to students during the course of the school year.