Purposes of Dayspring Theological University

Our purpose is that the graduate:

  • May communicate the Word of God to others, with the intention of winning them for Christ.
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest for missionary work, and a global vision for evangelism.
  • Demonstrate a genuine interest for rehabilitation centers, hospitals, prisons, volunteer work, and teaching or prayer groups.
  • Demonstrate spiritual maturity in his/her commitment for Christ and to the Church.
  • Demonstrate the traits of a servant leader in all areas of ministry, till perfection, knowing that Christ is interested in perfecting Himself in our weaknesses.
  • Display love, loyalty, and responsibility to the local Church while performing God’s calling in their lives to transform the 21st Century Society.
  • Know how to apply the acquired knowledge for progress, while exhibiting wisdom, and continuously seeking instruction.
  • Pursue a daily biblical study and unceasing investigation of the word of God as a restless learner.
  • Must have a daily awakening of personal moral values in order to represent the Kingdom of God here on earth.
  • Recognize the Lord’s voice speaking on a personal level, and to his/her generation; and elaborate strategic planning to follow God’s instructions.
  • Understand that we are living the end of times, which is to the graduate’s advantage; a double portion of power, anointing, and fire from heaven is being revealed to this generation in order to fulfill God’s plan.
  • With this in mind, Students register at Dayspring Theological University in accordance with our Philosophy, and Codes of Conduct established by Dayspring Theological University.



In today’s times, when moral values seem to disappear, it is imperative that the Christian utilizes the Bible, being the revelation of the only truth, to solve any and all dilemmas of our society. The bible not only determines doctrinal creeds for the Church, but also establishes the constitution for our overall lifestyle. In this changing world, we still have a solid unchangeable foundation, the word of God. The “Code of Conduct” of Dayspring Theological University is based on biblical teachings and principles; to constantly seek personal holiness, and discipline every area in order to lead a life that glorifies God, and serves as an example for others to follow.




DTU is an institution focused on biblical training to prepare leaders for the challenges of the 21st Century Church, and the 21st Century Society. DTU’s rapid global growth confirms God’s calling to Christian education, and the urgent need to empower men and women with the maturity of spiritual growth, intellect, character, and the faith to lead lives that impact our globe. We believe that only God can provide the educational resources to properly equip the nations for effective Christian ministry. Providing curriculum in multiple languages has always been a challenge, yet greater is He that is with us, and thus far, He has provided.



Today’s church is encountering challenges never before seen. If the church is to become a hospital for souls, then it must acquire the adequate training to develop therapeutical solutions to properly orient the church in harsh times. Our School of Counseling is focused on training professional Christian therapists to provide therapy, psychotherapy and counseling that’s sensitive to Christian cultural issues. The educational programs presented by DTU are unequaled in their field. Through our courses you will gain the greatest degree of knowledge possible. You will be given a syllabus and homework assignments that confront the issues of today, as well as obtain practice on the field as you work cases. We invite you to be a part of this fascinating journey and experience God’s healing at work through Christian Counseling.



We make a genuine call to Ministers, church leaders, professional and pastoral counselors, and members of the body of Christ who have a desire ministry training in the areas of Theology, Ministry, Christian Education, and Christian Counseling. Given the daily occupations, inconveniences or economical hardships, many members of the body of Christ cannot attend traditional college or Seminary. We understand these inconveniences; this is why we offer a comfortable system of attendance for the student, while at the same time, a window of opportunity to achieve the goal of obtaining superior ministerial education.

We praise God for our recent European affiliation with Royal Bible College.

GERMANY – Mike Oware +49 176 26011990
NEATHERLANDS – Nelson B. Frimpong +31 6 87854077

Renewal for our Accreditation.Transworld Accrediting Commission